How we are protecting you during the Covid 19 pandemic

While we are choosing to currently remain open for business, rest assured that we have your’s and our employee’s health and safety in mind during these trying times.

After much consideration, we have believe that the smaller size and seasonal nature of our business allows us to safely remain here to serve you.

If you feel at all under the weather, please stay home. If you don’t feel comfortable being in public, we completely understand. We’ll be here when the time is right for you. We have also made this option available to our employees.

Some of the things we are doing to keep everyone safe:

⁃ We have disinfected our floors and will continue to do so on a daily basis at minimum.

⁃ As the weather allows, we will leave our front doors open to reduce contact. When the weather limits us from doing such, we will disinfect the handles after each and every person enters or exits.

⁃ Every bike brought in for repair will be disinfected with alcohol when it arrives and again when you pick it up.

⁃ Our employees have been instructed to wear gloves when working on bicycle repairs.

⁃ Our employees have been instructed to wash their hands hourly at a minimum and as much as possibly needed.

⁃ We are limiting the exchange of things like signing paperwork, keypad entry, etc. When necessary we will disinfect pens, the credit card machines, iPads before and after each customer interaction.

⁃ Employees are keeping a 6 foot social distance from each other and our customers when at all possible. When you need assistance with helmet sizing, bike fit or other services that could require physical contact, our employees will wash their hands before and after each interaction.

⁃ Every bike is disinfected with alcohol before and after every test ride.

⁃ We are canceling our Saturday Group Ride until further notice.

⁃ We are offering a pick up and delivery service to our customers to limit your amount of exposure to others if you feel so inclined. Please call us for availability, pricing and scheduling of this service.

⁃ Pick up and delivery service is available at NO CHARGE to individuals who are considered “High Risk”. This includes individuals or households that include but not limited to the elderly, current or former cancer patients, diabetics, those with heart or lung disease, etc. Please contact us to schedule this service.

We sincerely hope that a bicycle ride by yourself or with your family and a bit of sunshine helps you get through these trying times.

⁃ The Alpha Bicycle Company Staff