Bike Tunes & Services

Nothing makes your bike feel new again like our Pro Tune. We fully disassemble your ride, clean your drivetrain in our ultrasonic cleaner, detail the frame and make all the mechanical adjustments, from top to bottom. Estimates are always FREE! Swing on by with your two wheeled friend and let us show you what it needs to look and feel like new again!

We work hard to have not only the best products, but the best people and experience in order to offer the complete bicycle retail experience. Our staff has lots of years, many miles, and ongoing education and technical training to stay at the forefront of the industry. Each year we make it a top priority to expand our cycling knowledge include the latest technologies. Like our bicycle and parts selection, our many of our Services are equally unique.

  • Demo Saddle Program that includes over 20 options to fit lots of body types. Ride the saddle before you buy it!
  • Custom Wheel Builds. We build well over 200 wheels a year. From 36" Unicycle Wheels to Ultralight Mountain Wheels, Track Wheels to Snow Bike Wheels. We've seen it all and have the experience and tools to build anything you can dream of.
  • Tubular Tire Gluing. There are lots of ways and thought processes on what seems to be becoming a lost art. We have glued tires for multiple National Champions and are confident in the process we have developed. Road, Cross, or Mountain, we do it all.
  • Bicycle Fittings. We have SICI certified bicycle fitters with over 15 years of experience. We listen to you, address your fit issues, and are here to help as your bicycle fit needs change. Bicycle Fitting is a dynamic process. Furthermore, your flexibility, body type, experience and your age will always change. So do your fit needs.
  • Full Service Department. Tune Ups, Suspension Overhauls, Hydraulic Brake Bleeds, Hub Overhauls. We have a fully stocked service department to address whatever your repair needs may be.